Most of the citizens of Culpeper County are aware of the primary mission of the International Lions Clubs. That mission is simply to provide financial assistance to citizens in their local area of responsibility with resources required to improve their quality of life regarding sight and or hearing deficiencies.

During 2016, the three Lions Clubs in Culpeper County (Culpeper Mid-Day, Culpeper ’92 and Culpeper Dawn) provided financial assistance to 188 citizens for assistance in procuring eye examinations, lenses and frames.  10 citizens were provided assistance in the procurement of hearing aids.

This assistance is made possible from the profits from the Mid-Day Lions Sunday Night Bingo and contributions from Club 92 and Dawn.  The dominate reason for this assistance are the local loyal patrons of the Sunday Night Bingo held at Peppers Grill each week. Not to be overlooked is the contributions made, especially in the sight area of the local firms and doctors specializing in eye related deficiencies.

As always we the Local Lions are proud of these contributions made to our citizens.  Funds in excess of those used address the sight and hearing needs of our community are used for various charitable organizations such as the Food Closet, Hospices, school lunch programs, scholarships and the soap box derby events.